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Le Fleur is a Floral Designer and team specializing in Love Day Flora! From small intimate weddings to large scale installations and designs. Le Fleur will execute their design through texture, space, sourcing the perfect botanicals and using florals and foliage in their natural form.
We love the unusual, the wild and the bold! We have over 10 year's experience and Looooove all things weddings!

Le Fleur Florist aims to pull your floral visions and styling together no matter what style. We go above and beyond to design all the details.

Weddings can be a stressful process and we hope to make it easy with a few briefs and flower chats.
Send Us an email / fill out the wedding submission link with your inspo and let your flower dreams unravel.

wedding minimum spend $1800+ travel is required for weddings that involve onsite design/travel.

we can travel Worldwide for events if needed and achievable.

Le Fleur x

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